We are calling for reviewers
All submitted papers will go through the peer-review process, we are calling for reviewers. If you would like to be a reviewer for the conference, please apply in CECNet Peer Review System or send your English CV to cecnet@cecnetconf.org .

Reviewer Qualifications:
•   PhD level or above
•   Active researchers in the related field
•   At least have one or more recent publications in peer-reviewed journals

Reviewer Benefits:
•   Refresh your knowledge
•   Gain experience in your research field
•   Set up your reputation
•   Enjoy a discount for your conference registration fee after offering valuable review comments
•   Be a potential candidate of TPC member of the next CECNet conference

Reviewer Responsibilities:
•   Keep the manuscripts to be reviewed as confidential documents
•   Give constructive review comments, not just simple Accept or Reject
•   Send back the review comments within two to three weeks

If you have any questions regarding to reviewer registration or reviewing, please contact us at cecnet@cecnetconf.org .

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of CECNet 2018, we would like to formally thank the contributors who have given their professional guidance and valuable advice as reviewers during 2018. Their suggestions and comments have helped the conference to ensure the quality and timely publication of the submitted papers.

Each of the reviewer listed in http://paper.academicconf.com/reviewers.aspx?confname=cecnet2018 have reviewed at least one manuscript for CECNet 2018.